The Smart Locker

The next big "Lock"

Have you ever went shopping for locker supplies and never seen anything you liked? Well usually all you see is basic stuff like posters, mirrors and whiteboards. Well, not anymore because you can finally have a technological advanced locker system! Check out our sick features!

Our Awesome Features

The information!

Welcome, my name is Andrew and today I am showing you the Smart Locker by DungeonLeaf Inc. What is the Smart Locker? Well it is an accessory for your locker! Read more to find out! Let’s start off by looking back and seeing how we got this great idea.

We chose this product because when you go to the store to buy locker supplies, there isn't advanced supplies, just whiteboards and mirrors. Well, we took care of that! The Smart Locker is very advanced and will take over the locker industry! This product is needed to bring advanced technology to 21st century students.

Well, you’re probably wondering how is the Smart Locker advanced? It has a security system; it will organize your books and you can even customize it by attaching mini features like a fruit dispenser, a fan or even sing a song when you open the locker. Our engineers will assist you with what you want on your product. This will help users save time by not looking for their books and you don’t have to deal with the nasty locker hackers. Wait, that’s not all, it even has a garbage bin and a phone charger. This will prevent littering and you can use your phone all afternoon.

The 12-18 age range is perfect because in middle and high school you have lockers, and you don’t have much time to organize your locker. It’s great for them because they don’t have to miss hockey practices to clean out their locker or not able to text their friends after school. They don’t even litter the school. This will save A LOT of time and protect you belongings in you locker.

Thank you for reading this and please check our website and our twitter @Smart_Locker. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me or tweet the smart locker.