Le-Vel Thrive Experience

Hi my name is Amy Kennedy and I am a Brand Promoter with Le-Vel and the Thrive Experience.

Hello there ! I am reaching out to you today to see if you have any upcoming New Year Customer Appreciation days in January That I could set up at.

I represent a company called Le-Vel and the Thrive experience after my own personal results I decided I needed to spread the word and share this amazing product line with anyone and everyone from the healthy and in shape to the unhealthy and out of shape. Here is a little bit about what this amazing product has to offer:

THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Nutrition:

· Cognitive Performance

· Weight Management

· Pain Management

· Digestive & Immune Support

· Anti-aging & Antioxidant Blend

· Lean Muscle Support

· Joint Support

· Gluten Free

· Non GMO

Add the THRIVE Derma FusionTechnology:

· Mental Clarity

· Appetite Control

· Weight Management

· Metabolic Support

· All Natural Time Release

If you have any events available please let me know for now or in the future!

Thank you for your time,


Amy Kennedy

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