By: Maddy Smith-Nicholls

Ebola is an extremely deadly disease. There is a high risk of death if infected with the virus. It spreads from animal to human. It is currently the most widespread virus in 2014.

The Start

It started in the four west African countries (Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria). out of the four west African countries, Ebola started in Guinea. A two year old boy named Emile Ouamouna died in December 2013 in Melaindou Gueckedou due to Ebola and his mother, sister and grandmother died taking care of him. WHO (World Health Organization) reported on December 10 2014 a total of 18,232 cases and 6990 deaths. WHO also warned in mid-October it could add 10,000 new Ebola cases each week by December 2014.


Some symptoms of Ebola are that the person will start to get fever. The person can also start to get severe headaches. The person will feel lots of muscle pain. The person will be very tired. The person will start to get diarrhea. They will start to vomit often. They will also start to get abdominal (stomach) pain. Bleeding or bruising will start to happen. A rash will appear. The person will have a sore throat. They will have a decrease in appetite. Hiccups will happen often. They might show difficulty swallowing and breathing problems. No FDA approved drug is available for Ebola.

About Ebola And Cases Confirmed

The country Guinea has had at least a total of 2394 cases, 2115 laboratory confirmed cases and 1518 total deaths. Liberia has had at least a total of 7797 cases, 1946 laboratory confirmed cases and 3290 total deaths. Sierra Leone has had at least a total of 8273 cases, 6638 laboratory confirmed cases and 2033 total deaths. Ebola was discovered in 1976 near Ebola river in Democratic Republic of the Congo. the 2014 outbreak is still the largest. On November 2014 4 people have been diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. A person infected CANNOT spread the disease until the symptoms appear.
The fruit bat was believed to be one of the Ebola carriers. The disease is currently the most widespread and intense in West Africa. Ebola was caused by a RNA (Ribonucleic acid) virus. If infected you should go to the hospital immediately for clinical care.





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5 September 2014 Breaking News USA doctor infected with Ebola heading to Nebraska