Harmon Update

Summer Edition

Are we having fun yet?

We have been out of school for over 6 weeks already! Have you gotten that ONE closet all cleaned out yet? You know the one. The one that the kids just shove all of the towels and washcloths in there all willy-nilly with no sense of order... The one that you found a random lego man in the middle of the sheets that you just put on your bed... THAT closet. No judgement- we all have that closet. And nope, I haven't cleaned out mine either.

Remember it's summer. We only have a total of 18 summers with our kids before they venture out into the world. There will be time to clean out that closet when school starts.

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Dates to Remember....

July 12th- Deadline to sign-up for the YMCA Before/After school care program (AKA, Latchkey). Click HERE to register.

August 16th- SCHOOL STARTS

Look for the official teacher assignment letter and supply list being mailed via USPS at the beginning of August. Please do not call the school before August 5th asking who your child has for a homeroom teacher. I can tell you that all of our teachers are amazing, and there is not one teacher that I would not want my own child to have. For reals.

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New to Harmon?

If your child is an incoming 5th grader, or you are new to the district- Welcome to Harmon!

For the kids: We will be planning an awesome back-to-school event for the kids to come in and meet their teachers and drop off school supplies.

There will be an assembly on the first day to go over all of the new, big, and scary Middle School things that the kids all worry about.

Don't worry, we have lots of water fountains.

For parents- It will all be ok. I promise. Now that the kids are official Middle-schoolers, we will be really focusing on teaching them how to be responsible for themselves and their things. This means, how they are getting home (bus vs walking, etc), or turning in their homework. We want the focus to be on them as a person. Not what they can score on a test. If you are a bit worried about anything- just call us! It takes a village to raise children and we at Harmon are simply an extension of that village. We all want the best for all who enter.