Merchant Of Venice, Materialism

Ashley Calvo


In merchant of venice materialism in this story shows how Vaciano wanted the money from Shylock, He wanted the money so he can get the girl. Shylock is more of the one who is more materialistic, in the play Shylocks attitude towards money money and human relationship. In the play when Shylock answers to Jessica's elopement, it looks like he's more worried about the gold, money , then the fact that his daughter left him she gone. Another example is Antonio trying to barrow the money from Shylock instead of trying something else bigger instead of the money, he seems very eager for the money.

Modern Day Socity and Personal Expirince

In our Socity today people are always on there phone they don't tend to socialize, if someone takes the phone they get. They rather be on there phones then to hangout with friends and family. At times when there with family or friends there just stuck on the screen without saying a word. They don't care about bounding with there families. I connect this to my personal experiences too because my sister is always on her iPad if I want to play with her I have to snick the iPad from her and tell her to play then I'll give the iPad, meaning she'll only play so she can get her iPad because she's more into the material stuff the iPad.

News Artical

I chose this Artical because it explains how kids in our days are only into materials stuff such as electronics.

What Lesson can be learned

In "Merchant Of Venice" what I learned is to fight for what is needed either for your flosh of blood or for families. Shylock did not fight for her daughter Jessica and ahe left him. Antonio was fought by and he did not have to get hurt.