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Travana Matthews & Makayla Horton

The Problem...

Houston unfortunately has a fast growing stray population, and as this population grows so does the spread of zoo-tonic diseases. Examples of these diseases include kennel cough, Lyme disease, hook, and round worms. Not only is disease spreading among strays but it is beginning to affect household pets as well as humans. With the help of clinics and shelters we can help to rid our streets of thousands of cats/ dogs. However we then face another problem. The overcrowding in shelters often helps facilitate disease ,and leads to the death of many animals. Also overcrowding leads to strays being turned away or even having to be euthanized in order to make room.


The rehabilitation process of strays is one that varies with each animal. Rehabilitating animals takes a lot of time, and patience. For some animals rehabilitation can be easy for some it is difficult but with the help of shelter staff, interns, and volunteers more animals can be rescued, rehabilitated, and introduced to forever homes. This would make a big difference and would provide one means of reducing the stray population. Rehabilitation is also one way to help save the lives of dogs & cats such as the dog below :
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Our Mission

With the help of the community and generous donors we plan to raise money for a few non-profit shelters. During this time of year it is understood that things begin to get hectic in clinics as well as shelters , and as we've learned non-profit shelters need all the help they can get. Our donations to these shelters will include money which can be donated using our link below. We will also be accepting donations of collars, leashes, towels, and food bowls which will be collected at our designated drop off location.

Harrisburg Veterinary Clinic

Here's just a little bit of contact information about the clinic where we intern .