Of Mice & Men

By: Deziree Johannesen


In "Of Mice & Men" main character George and his Mentally Retarded friend Lennie venture out looking for work after a prior incident in another town. They find work in a small area with many different kinds of people, but no matter who they run into they stay together, as a family. The best part is ..they don't worry about all of the little things because they're planning on getting their own home.

Theme Analysis

A theme in the story is that friends should stick together in the end. Throughout the whole book George protected Lennie from all of the things in the world that could hurt him. Friends are supposed to be there for each other like George was with Lennie.

Character Development

"No you tell it. It ain't the same if I tell it. Go on George. How I get to tend the rabbits."

John Steinback

John Steinback was born on February 27th, 1902. He has submitted several books, including "Of Mice & Men". His most known one is "The grapes of Wrath", he won a Puiltzer Prize and a National Book award. He always knew he would be a writer, and finished out his dream when he completed his first novel "Cup of Gold" in 1929. you can reach Josh Steinback at Johnsteinbackwriter@aol.com or call 1-856-455-8875 Ext-4464 Tole Free.