PONTEFY | Trade Buy Sell

The Next Step Forward in Mobile Commerce.


PONTEFY is an app that makes mobile commerce easier than ever. The app allows mobile users to buy, sell and trade products in real time.

What sets PONTEFY apart is its social capacity, which allows for immediate communication with other users about the games, books, movies and any other goods they’re interested in.

Available in Android and iOS and its Free !

For More Info go to www.pontefy.com


  • Chat Instantly with users: See an item you like? Chat instantly with the seller right inside of PONTEFY. Here's your chance to make a trade offers, buy or sell instantly with the Pontefy community.
  • Get Notifications Instantly: Never worry about missing an important message from another user. Get notifications anytime someone messages you.
  • Automatically update your location: PONTEFY updates your location via GPS signal so you never have to worry about updating your location again!
  • Add Items through Barcode Scan: PONTEFY allows you to add the item by scanning the barcode, so you don't have to take the pain of writing the item description, adding the image, title etc
  • Know how far users are: PONTEFY uses GPS signal to track how far other fellow users are, making it easier for making selling/trading decisions.
  • Extensive Search capability: PONTEFY allows to search for the items by distance and search for the number of users within on your desired proximity. It also lets you see the number of items each users have to trade.
  • View User items as they view yours: Browse the inventory of other users to find that hidden gem you have always been searching for! Build your own list of items for fellow users to browse yours.
  • Anonymity: Keep your information safe and secure. Users can sell and trade freely knowing that their information is kept anonymous from other users.