Our Country is Fiji

The Capital of Fiji is Suva.

It is located in the South Pacific Ocean about 2000 km northeast of New Zealand's North Island.

Longitude and latitude

The Longitude and Latitude of Fiji is 18 degrees south and 179 degrees East.


The languages that most of the Fijians speak are Fijian Hindi or the Fijian language.


The approximate population of Fiji is 874,742

How has Australia helped Fiji?

Australia helped Fiji with their welfare issues. Australia gives a lot of money to help kids with no education. Also we help them with their health care.

5 Interesting Facts

  1. Fiji is home to 333 Islands.
  2. It became an independent republic in 1970, after a century as a British Colony.
  3. The currency they use is called the Fijian dollar.
  4. Fiji is located right on the International Date Line. In Taveuni, there is a spot where you can stand with one foot in the current date and your other foot in the previous date.
  5. The most dominate religion is Christianity however Hinduism ins't far behind.
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