4th Grade Newsletter

September 30, 2016

Thank you for your support at our first Chick-fil-A night of the year!

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Reading Standards


  • Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.


  • Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including those that allude to significant characters found in mythology (e.g., Herculean).

RF 4.4

Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.

  • a. Read grade-level text with purpose and understanding.

  • b. Read grade-level prose and poetry orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression on successive readings.

  • c. Use context to confirm or self-correct word recognition and understanding, rereading as necessary.

Math Standards


  • Interpret a multiplication equation as a comparison, e.g., interpret 35 = 5 × 7 as a statement that 35 is 5 times as many as 7 and 7 times as many as 5. Represent verbal statements of multiplicative comparisons as multiplication equations.

  • Multiply or divide to solve word problems involving multiplicative comparison, e.g., by using drawings and equations with a symbol for the unknown number to represent the problem, distinguishing multiplicative comparison from additive comparison.

Social Studies Standards


  • Give examples of rights and responsibilities of citizens according to North Carolina Constitution. .

EMIS Color Run

Saturday, Oct. 1st, 4-6pm

1711 Landis Highway

Mooresville, NC

  • The Color Run is a one mile race on the campus of EMIS in memory of Corey Jones a 5th grade student from East.
  • Tickets are $10 per runner/spectator and can be purchased from your homeroom teacher or in the front office.
  • Music and concessions will be available!

What's going on in the 4th grade?

Mrs. Izzo

Mrs. Izzo's class has been so busy! They are using Learning Style Menu to go along with their short novel, Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! They will wrap up these activities by the end of next week!

Some have learned how to write a jingle and produce the Perfect Infomercials with PhotoBooth incorporating a Green Screen! They are very adorable and perfect!

We also have taken a gander at cultures around the world as well as schools around the world! The students were most interested in the lunches from around the world! This was a great video for students to see how other school children are eating! Some of their reactions or "OH moments" were pretty hilarious, as they inferred what some of the food items might be!

Thank you for supporting our efforts at EMIS! GO EAGLES!

Perfect Projects

Please take a peek at our Perfect Projects on this Smore by clicking this button!

Mrs. Villiard

Students have been learning about first hand and second hand accounts in Social Studies. This week Mrs. Villiard played a little prank to make sure the class had a first hand account experience to share! Students recorded their first hand account and then Mrs. Villiard shared it was all a joke! Then students wrote about the experience. The next day in Social Studies, students wrote a second hand account of the trial of Susan B. Anthony. Visit the website her class made to remember the difference between first hand and second hand accounts.
First Hand/Second Hand Accounts

Click here to see the website they created!

October Calendar

October 1 - EMIS Color Run

October 12 - Early Release

October 14 - All pro dads breakfast

October 25 - Chick fil A night

October 28 - First quarter ends