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February 2013 End of Month Newsletter

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Shout Outs!

Team Growth
As of today, we have now grown to 303 designers! Welcome to all the new team members and congratulations to all the mentors out there.

February Team Incentive

Two team members will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card! Use it to buy additional items for your display, business materials, or treat yourself to dinner/movie/pedicure!

Any designer on this team who reaches personal volume of $99+ in the month of February will earn an entry. You will also receive one additional entry for each $250 in personal volume you reach. Please email me at jodiocken@gmail.com when you surpass the first $99 to be entered into the drawing. I will calculate any additional entries earned for those that entered. I will accept entries until end of day March 1, 2013.

*To view your Personal Volume, log into the Back Office, click on Commissions, then Volumes, and it will list your Total PV for each month. End of Month is February 28th at midnight EST. If you have any questions, please let me know.

February Month-End Cut-off

{Cut-Off} for the month of February is Thursday, February 28th at midnight EST.

{Hoot Loot} Remember you can earn $25 in Hoot Loot for every $250 in Personal Volume achieved for the month. Therefore, if you are close to the next $250 increment, it might make sense to place an additional order of inventory items that you want for your display or a few of your bestsellers to get that $25 credit. This Hoot Loot credit will be added to your account by the 10th of the following month to use on future orders. To view your Personal Volume, log into the Back Office, click on Commissions, then Volumes, and it will list your Total PV for each month. As always feel free to reach out to your mentor or myself with any questions you may have.

{Rank Promotions} There are several of you who have already hit or are close to getting a promotion for February. Your official title change in the back office and any bonus from commissions earned from your team are done on the 10th of the following month. If any of you need further clarification on what is needed, please reach out to your mentor or myself so we can help to ensure you reach your goal. Link to video explaining the Career Plan + download a copy of the Career Plan - Front / Back

Challenge for Change Incentive

From February 26th – April 10th, Designers will have the opportunity to earn points towards amazing rewards in our Designer Incentive Program, Challenge for Change.
Find out more in News Feed HERE.

Updated Policies & Procedures

There have been new Policies & Procedures developed. Please take some time to review the information to ensure you are in compliance.

Click here for a quick start guide listing some of the changes.

Read more about the changes and link to full policies & procedures document HERE.

Spring is in the Air

Right now is a great time to start getting those Spring Events booked on your calendar. Check with local schools, churches, Chamber of Commerce, Moms Clubs, etc to find out what events are upcoming and get your applications in NOW.

Who to contact when you have a question...

I know it's easy to just post on the team's Facebook group when you have a question, but I'd really like to keep that for tips, tricks, success stories, brainstorming, etc.

When you have a question, please always check the Back Office or O2Loop Q&A section first to see if you can find the answer.

If you can't find your answer, then your first point of contact is your mentor and then you can go upline from there if still requiring assistance or they are unavailable.

If you still can't get an answer or it's more technical in nature, then contact Designer Care.

email: designercare@origamiowl.com

Phone: 888.491.0331 (Mon-Fri 9a-5p MST)

What to do...

Order is missing an item?

- Check your orders as soon as you receive them. If something is missing from your order and it's listed in your back office on your order, fill out Missing Item Form and email it to designercare@origamiowl.com. You do not need to call them. Send in the form and you will get your item mailed out to you. Email Subject Line: Designer ID#XXXXX, Order#XXXXX Missing Item

Customer stated they placed an order and not in your back office?

- Ask customer to forward you their order confirmation and then forward that to designercare@origamiowl.com (Email Subject Line: Designer ID#XXXXX, Order#XXXXX not credited to my account) or call 888-491-0331 (open M-F 9-5 MST)

- In future need to ensure your customer goes directly to your replicated website and creates their account from your website. Should show up as a customer in your back office as soon as they create your account.

Haven't received a response back from Designer Care?

- If emailed Designer Care and it's been 72 hours, forward the email again and in front of subject add "2nd Request". Please don't email about same subject matter everyday as it just clogs up the system. If Urgent matter then you'll have to try to call 888-491-0331 (open M-F 9-5 MST). If after 2nd Request, don't hear anything then forward to me so I can see if I can help get item resolved (jodiocken@gmail.com - please only send if don't get a response after you've tried other options listed).

This Week's Calendar

Monday 2/25/13, 7pm MST - Corporate Webinar - link to be posted day of webinar.

Wednesday, 2/27/13, 7pm MST - Dream Designers "Light the Fire Under Your Business" Call -- see below for details.

Thursday, 2/28/13, midnight EST - February Month-End Cut-off

Dream Designers "Light the Fire Under Your Business" Call

Join us on this FREE Motivational call with Peak Power Coach, Alishia Willardson...

When: Wednesday, February 27th at 7:00pm MST

It really will "Light the Fire Under Your Business for 2013" During this call you will learn to:
-Get out of your own way
-Stop Making excuses
-Get you to take action NOW
-Create your success blueprint for 2013 & MORE!
If that sounds like what you're looking for and you're ready to "Have FUN & Make it HAPPEN" then this is one call you won't want to miss! Click on the link and register below. You will receive the call information 24 hours prior to the call.

Register: http://www.lightyourfire1.eventbrite.com/
Password: powerup

Dream Designers Team Facebook Group

If you haven't already, please come join us over on the team Facebook Group HERE for daily updates, tips and information. *If you are not on Facebook, please let me or your mentor know so that we can keep you updated.

Enter for chance to win ticket to ANNUOWL Conference or your Hotel Stay for the Conference in July...

Anyone on the entire Shining Jewels Team (that includes you!) that maintains $1,000 in Personal Volume (PV) during each month of February, March & April, will have their name put into a drawing for one of the two prizes! Remember, be consistent each month with $1000 PV and you may WIN BIG!!! For more information see Shining Jewels' Team December Newsletter or reach out to your mentor.


Check out this document for links to prior team newsletters, corporate webinars, FAQ document and more:

Team Dropbox

I started a team dropbox file so we could have a place to share documents. I have uploaded some marketing materials and tutorials there.

LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/28wm5w1qnqg6898/juvedGTlMg

Kristine Stevens' Shining Jewels Team Dropbox can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l2vgqed1lmsw2o2/ZMob9fmdzQ