A Local Clothing Swap

Everyone is welcome. Everything is free.

I don't know about you, but I just don't wear everything in my closet. There are shirts that I thought I would love, but never really wear, and my six year old, she's growing so fast I swear she has skipped a size. She has outgrown at least a bag full of clothes just this year. Last month when my son tried on the snow boots we bought last year, they were too small. Does this sound familiar at your house?

A group of local moms have put their heads together and decided to organize Trade Off, a local clothing swap where everyone is welcome and everything is free. Just drop off your clothes to one of our drop-off points before Thursday or drop them off at the church on Friday. Then come to the church building at 2555 Stoddard Rd in Meridian on Saturday, Feb 1st at 10 am, and look for some new-to-you clothes. Read on for more information.

Ground Rules

1. Drop off your "trade-off worthy" clothing in bags or boxes to one of our volunteers in your area no later than Thursday, January 30th. Or take them to the church between 5-10 pm on Friday, Jan 31st. We will be there collecting, sorting, and organizing

2. Clothing should be in good shape. No holes, stains, used undergarments, or inappropriate words on shirts. Clothes for men, women, children, baby, and maternity in all sizes are appreciated. No toys or household items– just clothes, thanks.

3. Feel free to take more than you donated, but please take only what you think you need.

The Details

It may be weeks away but don't wait until the last minute to go through your closets. Start gathering everything you don't wear anymore now. Look for clothes you've outgrown, too small winter clothing, jackets, jeans, shirts, dresses, gloves, boots. Don't forget the summer clothes too, shorts, tees, swim suits, etc. Also, baby and maternity clothes are always in high demand. There are so many mothers and babies in need. Look through what you have that is in wearable condition and bag or box it up. Please no jeans with holes, shirts with major stains, or underwear. We are going for a high class clothing swap here. ;)

Once you've collected your clothes and other items deemed useful to someone else, bring them to the church the day before the swap on Friday, Jan 31st between 5-9 pm. Or take them to one of our volunteers before that date. A list of volunteers and their addresses will be announced soon. If you want to volunteer, please let Amanda Olsen know. Then come to the swap on Saturday and take whatever you think you will use.

**If you can't make to the swap but would like to donate your clothes anyway, BLESS YOU. We will gladly take them off your hands.

The swap will take place on Saturday, February 1st from 10am to 12pm in the multi-purpose room of the LDS Church on Stoddard Rd in South Meridian. (Very close to the interstate and Roaring Springs Waterpark). There will be tables full of men's, women's, maternity, teens, boys and girls, toddlers, and infant clothes to choose from. Please join us and tell your friends so they don't miss out on this chance to pick up some free clothing.

At noon the clothing swap will be advertised on Craigslist and other places online as a "Pay it Forward Free Sale" inviting the public to come and take anything they need for free (without being asked to donate). Any clothing left after that will be taken to the Deseret Industries. We have done this out of our home in the past and it is pure joy to see people come and take things they need. After we started posting "Free Sales" on Craigslist, we never went back to garage selling. It's way more fun to give than to sell. This is our 6th year holding an event like this and our second year holding it at a church building. We hope you will participate with us in paying it forward. You may just find a cute, new-to-you shirt in the process.

Types of Volunteers Needed

Collectors. We're looking for 2 people in Boise, 2 in Meridian, and 2 in Nampa that are willing to let people contact them and drop clothes to them. Your name and address will be listed on our Facebook page so people know where to drop off clothes. Store what is brought to you in your garage, and then bring everything to the church on Friday, January 31st between 5-7 pm for us to sort and fold. Thank you for your service!

Building Set Up. Two helpers are needed to help gather and set up the tables in the multi-purpose room of the church. Please be there at 5 pm. This should take about 30 minutes. This is a great man's job for all you guys out there. Thank you for your service!

Sorters: Ten to 15 sorters are needed Jan 31st from 6:30-10pm (or anytime in-between if you can't stay the whole time) to help sort, organize sizes, and fold the clothes on the right tables. This job is really fun, and with a lot of us, it will go fast.

Clean up Crew: 6 people to help on Saturday at 1:00 to help bag up everything that hasn't been taken and take it to the D.I. truck.

All volunteers have the privilege of previewing the clothes that have been dropped off and taking what they need on Friday night as a thanks for their service. Be sure to email Amanda Olsen at amanda@idahogreensmoothiegirl.com if you want to volunteer.

Spread the Word

Click on facebook above to see the list of volunteers in your area and to share this facebook invitation and share it with your friends. The more the merrier!

Trade Off

Saturday, Feb. 1st, 10am-12pm

2555 S Stoddard Rd

Meridian, ID

Drop off clothes by Friday then pick up on Saturday

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

What Happy Swappers Had to Say About Last Time

"Thank you so much for everything, you guys did a great job! I was able to get stuff for the whole family." Vanessa H.

"Thanks for doing this! There was so much stuff! My girls were thrilled with their new clothes!" Tari F.

"Thank you so much for doing this! I can't wait for my husband to get home so he can see the stuff I got for him (the stuff I knew he would like) this was not only a blessing, but it was totally amazing! Next year- if this is around, I totally want to help and donate!" Gehvyn S.