Shaun's Open House Page

Shaun Baek (Period 7)

Earthquake PBL

In this project, we built a house for Tony Stark to live in that can withstand the earthquake.

Drivng Question

How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two-story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic waves?
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I learned that all fancy houses cannot withstand an earthquake especially if it is strong.

Atmosphere and 30 Hands Project

This project is making a slideshow presentation and talking about global warming.

What did I ENJOY

I enjoy using the app and learning how our everyday lives are making the earth





Invention Convention

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Front of Our Solar/Wind Powered Car

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Back of Our Solar/Wind Powered Car

My invention solve environmental problems. The car stops global warming and pollution. This could stop people from getting health issues and it could make the world more cleaner.
My invention use solar energy. That means it uses the sunlight to run the car. Also, it uses wind energy. The wind also makes the power for the car.

Favorite Unit

My favorite unit is the Earthquake unit because the project was really fun!

My favorite lab is the Milky Way lab from the Plate Tectonics unit. We got to experiment how the earth works with the Milky Way chocolate and the best part is that we got to eat it.
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