Grade 4 Wakakirri

Monday 5th August 2013

Our Story: When Pages Come to Life

Early in the year, a group of students developed ideas for a storyline Grade 4 could use in their Wakakirri piece. Hayley suggested that the main character step into the life of someone else. Isabella and Jessika suggested that the main character became bored and travels to other worlds. Marley and Nick said that the main character had to try on an object such as shoes or hat and then they would travel to another world. Everyone in the group was unanimous that no matter what the story line was it was vital that the music, acting and dancing all portrayed the same message.

Eventually, the group decided that the story would begin with the main character playing a video game. When the game is lost, the main character loses their temper and their mum takes the game controller off them. To console them, a sibling comes along and takes them on a journey into the fantasy worlds of literature.

Why did we want to tell this story?

We decided to tell this story so that children just like us can see the potential of reading books to take you to a whole new world. Just as video games and technology can make us feel like we are part of the experience, reading a good book can allow us to do this too. We think it’s important to allow our imagination to run wild with books and let the pictures and the story come to life!

The books used in our performance

On the night

The feedback from staff and parents who attended the show said that the acting and storyline of our performance were fantastic. The national judge's comments on the night were that the actors produced some heart felt moment on the stage and that the sound track matched the storyline.

Wooranna was awarded with three awards on the night. The awards were for Particpation in Wakakirri, Best Team Work award and for having the Most Sustainable Production.

Here are some students' comments about the night...

Maja: "I thought it was really enjoyable because we had put a lot of work into it and we when we were there it was lots of fun. It was also cold backstage."

Marley: "It was a bit scary because we had to get points and the judges were watching our every footstep."

Nick: "It was fun and scary at the same time. Scary because there were lots of people in the audience and fun because we got to perform on a BIG stage!"

Kriti: "I thought it was an amazing experience because we could only tell our story through dance. I also found it scary because of all the people watching us in the audience."

We would like to thank the following people...

We would like to thank all of the Grade 4 teachers- Miss Berenato, Miss Mansfield and Miss Pang. We would like to thank Rita for helping us choreograph the dances. We would also like to thanks Mrs G and Sue for helping us in practices.

We couldn’t have done this without such fantastic parent support so we would like to thank Kristine, Karin and Vita for helping us with making our costumes. Also a big thank you to Paula, Bec, Kylie, Kristine and Barb for helping us paint the backdrops. Thank you to Falei for helping us design some of the backdrops too. Lastly a huge thank you to Mr Trotter for giving us the opportunity to perform in Wakakirri.