By: Paige Griak

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages- traveling and carry's luggage, covers you in the rain and snow, and protects you from dirt flying everywhere.

Disadvantages- isn't a fast travel, doesn't lock, and if horses aren't strapped then they may run away.


The first Stagecoach that arrived to North Dakota and was in Jamestown,ND 1880. The guy who bought it was Mr.Benjimine. He used it for traveling and transferring things in North Dakota.
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Important people/ Inventors

Lewis Downing and j. Stephen Downing were the first people to make stagecoaches in America
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Why stagecoaches are so important to ND

It was the "first car" in North Dakota. People needed stage coaches for traveling ( even tho it was slow) then needed it to take people to grocery store and everywhere life. People usually had others drive it so they could stay inside the "vehicle" so they don't get snowed/rained on. or if thy are poor then they didn't have a choice to drive i them selves...