Human Body Inc.

The Heart

By: Chloe, Anna, and Isabella

Other Organs In My Department

My co-workers are the veins and arteries. Their job is to carry the blood I pump throughout the body. They also tranport all the nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide waste and heat where it is needed.

Facts About Me

1. I create enough energy daily, to drive a truck 20 miles.

2. The thump sound of my beat is made by my four valves closing.

3. The average adult heart beats 72 time per minute.

4. As long as I have oxygen, I can beat separately from the rest of the body.

5. A womans heart weighs about 8 ounces and a man's weighs about 10 ounces.

Facts About My Department (The Circulatory System)

1. It takes 20 seconds from a red blood cell to circle the whole body.

2. Blood leaves the left side of me and enters to the right.

3. Blood cells die in four months

4. The largest vein is the Vena Cava and it runs through the bottom half of the body.

5. Blood clots happen so your body doesnt go in shock or die because of blood loss.

My Departments Job

In the circulatory system department we work together to absorb nutrients from the small intestine and transport them throught out the body. We also circulate oxygen and remove carbon dioxide waste.

Why Am I Important?

If I were fired, there would be an absence of oxygen in the body and eventually the veins and arteries would not work anymore. Also, the blood would end up in the bottom half of your body because of gravity.

What Will Happen If I Am Gone?

One affect that the removal of me will have on the whole company is a disease called Hypoxia. Hypoxia is the lack of oxygen. It can effect the functions of your body by fatigue, headaches, pins and needles, and blue lips/nail.

What Else Will Be Effected If I Am Removed?

Not only will you obtain deadly diseases if I am removed, other systems, such as the digestive and the respiratory system, will be effected. The digestive enzymes in your body (pepsin) can only work in a certain temperature, so if your blood isn't pumping, the pepsin will not be able to work properly. On the other hand, the respiratory system will be effected because the oxygen that is taken in, won't have any place to go, since the blood isn't pumping.


I suggest that you should fire the tonsils, becaue there are many people who get them removed, to make them healthier!


- Mrs.Alwin

- Science Journals

- Prior Knowledge