Articles of Confederation

Pros and Cons


  • The articles of confederation had a national legislature
  • It created a unified army for the nation
  • The state constitutions instituted a checks and balances system


  • The national government wasn't able to tax
  • The nation needed all thirteen states in order to amend a law
  • The national government did not have an executive of judicial branch
  • There was no way the government could enforce laws that were passed
  • Didn't balance power between national and state governments
  • Each state had its own currency
  • Each state acted as its own country
As you can see, the Articles of Confederation created more problems than fixing ones. I believe the designers made it have such a weak central government because they were afraid that it would become a tyranny. They didn't want another Britain situations, so if each state had their own power, it wouldn't be able to happen again. It didn't really work well though.
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