Anne Frank

By: Daylen Turner

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany. Her parents were Otto and Edith Frank; Anne also had an older sister named Margot. When Anne’s father Otto moved to Amsterdam to keeps his brother's business going, the rest of Anne’s family did not move with him but they moved shortly after. On Anne's thirteenth birthday her parents got her a diary and she began writing in it right away. For over two years the family's hide in the annex hoping the nazis would never find them. On august 4, 1944 the annex was discovered and they were found.


The theme, having hope when times are hard throughout the Diary of Anne Frank. There were many times when the family’s had hope when times were hard. When Anne asked for presents but her mom said that they would not be getting them this year, and then Anne said “No it isn’t. I’ve got something.” (403). This is an example of hope because Anne was hoping for presents but no one had any. Then Anne had hope still and got everyone presents. Another example of hope is during Hanukkah when the thief broke into the annex. Anne said “No, Father, No! There may be someone there; waiting… it may be a trap!” (406). Mr. Frank went down anyway. This is an example of hope because they were all hoping that there would be no green police down there waiting for Mr. Frank to come down. Also an example of hope in the Diary of Anne Frank is when Anne was writing in her diary, she was saying “Another new year has begun and we find ourselves still in our hiding place. We have been here now for one year, five months, and twenty-five days. It seems that our life is still at a standstill”. (411). This is an example of hope because she has been hoping to get out of the annex for a year and twenty-five days but they can’t get out of there life will be someone else’s.

Friendship/family even in hard times shows in The Diary of Anne Frank. During the Family's stay in the annex there were a lot of friendship/family times. When they were celebrating Hanukkah they were friends and a family in the hard time that they were going through. Mr. Frank said “We are all here, alive. That is a present enough. (403). This is an example of friendship/family because it is explaining what they should be thankful for that they are still alive and well today. Another example of friendship/family is Anne having a bad dream. “No! No! Don’t…don’t take me!” (397). After Anne screamed those words her mom came into the room and woke her up and helped her. That is an example of friendship/family because her mom helped her and everyone felt bad except Mr. Dussel. Another example of friendship/family in hard times is the Germans came and gave them five minutes to grab a bag and put clothing in it. “And so it seems our stay here is over. They are waiting for us now.” (433). That quote was an example of friendship/family because after they all got separated they still stayed together even if they weren’t together.


Paper and a pen

The pen and the paper represent Anne Frank very well because she loved to write in her diary and all of her thoughts and secrets were in that diary. Anne’s diary made Anne who she is now. In the play Anne specifically says “I think more seriously about life now. I want to be a journalist...or something. I love to write.” (421). Another quote that show that the paper and pen are a symbol of Anne Frank is when Anne says “i’ve never had a diary, and i've longed for one. Pencil, pencil, pencil, pencil. Another quote for the pad of paper and the pencil is when Anne says "I expect I should be describing what it feels like to go into hiding." This goes with the symbol because it means she is still able to write in her diary even in hard times. Another quote is "...and yesterday I finished Cissy Van Marxvelts latest book. I think she is a first-class writer." This quote means that even though times are hard and they are scared they all make time to do there own things.

Anne Frank