Elizabeth I

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Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

She took the throne after the death of her sister Mary Tudor in 1558

She was a long ruling Queen of England who governed with relative stability and prosperity.

Elizabeth I was queen for 44 years.

She made compromises for Catholics and Protestants

She thought of herself as the "Supreme Governor" and not the "Supreme Head"

She restored the Book of Common Prayer

Places where Elizabeth I lived

Elizabeth lived north of London as a child with her half-sister, Mary Tudor, and she also lived in London.


Elizabeth I was a big supporter of Shakespeare and her continuous support and patronage to him allowed him to focus on the artistic part of his works.


I relate Elizabeth I to Machiavelli because she was very educated, spoke multiple languages like Latin, French, and German. She encouraged education through the court and establishing a public education system. She encouraged all the arts and +- overseas exploration and improved the economy.

Facts On Her Life

Queen Elizabeth was married because she wanted to be able to rule how she wanted without taking orders from a husband.

She never had children so the Tudor reign ended with her.

The Elizabethan Era was named after her because she was a big supporter of the arts.

She was nicknamed "The Virgin Queen"

Elizabeth succeeded her sister on the throne.

Events or Actions with Cause and Effect

Elizabeth's cousin Mary Queen of Scots was executed after being believed of being involved in several assassination plots against Elizabeth.

Elizabeth became queen after her sister Mary Tudor dies.

The Tudor dynasty ends after Elizabeth's death caused by blood poisoning.