Cell Analogy

A Cell Is Like A Basketball Stadium

The Coach is like the Nucleus

The coach is like the Nucleus because they are in charge of the entire team, and the nucleus is in charge of the entire cell.

The Players are like the Ribosomes

The players are like the Ribosomes because the players play the basketball game, and the Ribosomes make the proteins and if there are no proteins in the cell they can't function.

The Building is like the Cell/Plasma Membrane

The building is like the Cell/Plasma Membrane because it surrounds and encloses the court to keep everything inside, and the cell/plasma membrane does a similar job too. The cell/plasma membrane surrounds the cell keeping everything inside the walls of the cell.

The Announcers are like the Cytoplasm

The announcers are like the cytoplasm because when the announcers talk you can hear them from anywhere in the stadium, their voice fills the air. Just like the announcers the cytoplasm fills the space in the cell.

The Screaming of the Fans are like the Mitochondira

The screaming of the fans are like the mitochondria because the players get pumped up and powered up when they hear the fans cheering them on and supporting them as they play. Just like the fans the mitochondria powers the cell.

The Court is like the Cytoskeleton

The court is like the cytoskeleton because the court has its own shape, the boundaries, of where you can play letting the players know how the shape of the court is. Just like the court the cytosketeton in a cell helps keep the cells shape.

Flyer By: Gillian Anderson