Leadership Styles


Why Charismatic?

This style can be very appealing to many people, like myself for example. If I were ever in a leadership position this would most likely be my style of choice.

What is it?


Using the charismatic leadership style is behaving energetically to inspire and influence others with personality. Out of the core leadership theories this style would be behavioral because using energetic behavior is how a leader would inspire their passion into others. In the 1930s Kurt Lewin said that there were three main leadership styles that are strictly behavioral, which are autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire leaders. Those who practice the charismatic style are very confident and truly believe in themselves, so they will always act energetically with a charisma to inspire their followers and make others believe in them too. A good example of this leadership style would be Oprah Winfrey.


  • Confident in oneself as a leader
  • Very motivational and inspiring to others
  • Really helps raise team members
  • Gets people into action


  • Sometimes too confident to identify problems
  • Could damage a team in the long-run
  • May not end up changing the team as a whole
  • Team success becomes directly connected to the leader
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