We built a tool to help business owners do exactly that.


OwnerListens is a feedback collection tool that allows your customers to privately send you feedback such as compliments, complaints, suggestions, and questions using their mobile devices. This gives customers a better alternative to posting reviews online because they know they are reaching a real person who owns the business and cares about their experience. OwnerListens thus prevents negative online reviews and helps improve your online reputation.
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Simple and Easy to Use

No new technology is required for you or your customers. For your customers sending you feedback, it is just sending a text. For you responding to feedback, it is just sending an email or text.

Tested and Effective

FEEDBACK platform is being used by over 4000 businesses from local coffee shops, Michelin star restaurants, high-end regional grocery store chains to dentists, doctors and auto mechanics, we serve all kinds of businesses!

Management and employees are accountable

Unlike reviews on Yelp or other sites, every OL message has a real time date and time stamp so you know exactly who was in charge when the incident occurred, how long they took to reply and whether their solution was successful.

It’s Safe

FEEDBACK masks emails and phone numbers of customers and managers so they can have a text-based conversation without worrying about leaking private contact info. Also, OL can easily block fake or harassing messages.

Why should I use OwnerListens?

Many reasons! Listening and responding to customer feedback is one of the best ways to improve your business, satisfy customers, and privately respond to negative feedback before customers go to public review sites. In addition, responding to feedback with OwnerListens enhances customer experience and is a great way to tell your customers that you care. By now, almost all of your customers have a mobile phone with access to the internet. Posting an anonymous online review is at their fingertips so it is up to you to offer them a better alternative: A way to send you reviews directly using OwnerListens.
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We can monitor feedback for your Business!

Listening to customer feedback and replying are key to using OwnerListens effectively. OwnerListens recommends responding to customers in a thoughtful and appropriate manner. Showing customers that you understand where they’re coming from is the best way to show them you are listening, even if you don’t agree with the feedback. Always be polite and thank customers for their feedback. Then, honestly address the issues raised by the customer. If you disagree with the feedback, explain why without being defensive. Customers appreciate sincerity.

We have an auto-generated PDF to provide which detail customer discussions with responses over a selected date range.

Will customers see Owners name and number?

No. OwnerListens exchanges no personal information; only your responses are sent to the customer. However, if your messages contain personal information in the text, it will be delivered to the recipient as part of the response.

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A Common Scenario:

“How was your dessert?”, asks a waiter.

“Oh... it was.... good...”, the customer chokes out. The waiter can obviously read the customers face: the panicked

eyes, the over eager smile.

The poor, awkward waiter now comes into a terrific dilemma: should she badger the insulting truth out of her overall

well-meaning customer, or go on knowing something is wrong with the food that the kitchen will continue to make,

resulting in the loss of valuable customers? Maybe she should bring the manager over.... and make a scene? Never

mind.... It’s not worth it....

The waiter knows something is wrong but will never know what it was exactly. Was there a mistake made in the

kitchen? Was the entree not served hot enough? Was there a hair in the dessert that caused it to lay half eaten. The

moment is lost, the customer will likely never return. The next day, the owner will awake to find a negative Tweet/

Facebook post or a bad public review on Yelp/Tripadvisor and lose even more customers.

How much does OwnerListens cost?

We monitor feedback for your Business and we charge for each location 98 euro monthly or 558,60 euro for 6 months (5% discount) or 1058,40 euro Yearly (10% discount)

(Tax ex)

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We care about local businesses.

We believe customers and owners benefit from having a direct and private dialogue before they air out their differences in public review sites such as yelp or tripadvisor.


Send us your contact info and sales representative at and will get back to you within 24 hours.