D.Jones 6th block

Favorite Quote 10/30/2013

"Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it"

A: Last year in my english class a boy was saying stuff to me and the teachers never said anything to him about it but the minute i jump up and hit him or say somthing back i get sent outside, as i was outside talking to my teacher i was mad and was talking back so i got a take home detintion. if i would have just listened to what she had to say maybe things would have been different.

About me

My name is Dazia Jones im in 10th grade and i love to play basketball

6 Word Memoir 10/30/2013

Never give up and Keep grinding

Purpose 10/30/2013

Today in english class Mrs. Jones made us make this flyer! This will beenefit us in the long run, we will be able to see everybody work and help people at different schools with there work and they can help me and leave comments aswell! Im not sure how this is going to help me to pass english 10 but we shell wait and see.



hostle,brave,unwise and a strong women

sisters of lsmene, etcocles and polynesies

heard and respected


love,respect and loyal


Sun/Shadow sentence

Im like a baby lion because im outgoing and nomatter how big my eminem is ill never back down


Do you agree or disagree that people should make there own decisions? self-reliance is define as the need for each individual to folow there own instincts and ideas people should make there own decision because somepoeple don't like people to know what they are going through and only you know what your heart wants and whats best for you.


I think i wrote my essay very well. i think i need to work on starting and sticking to my story, this is not my favorite essay but the ones about the uniforms was my favorite