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March 2016

Cool Library Tools

Have you visited our school library website recently? We have lots of great tools to help you and your student with research and learning! Go to http://rvlibrary.wix.com/library today and check out these buttons on the front page:

  • Canvas - our district's NEW learning management system.
  • WorldBook - an invaluable research tool for helping students gain background knowledge about a variety of topics. The Kids edition even has text-to-speech!
  • InstaGrok - a unique search engine that helps students visualize connections between their search terms. Try it if your students are hung up on Google!
  • DestinyQuest - our school's library catalog! You can search our catalog anytime, anywhere (even at home!) to see if we have a specific book that you need.
  • PebbleGo - a great NEW research database for students in grades K-2, with many articles that connect to your units and excellent text-to-speech options!
  • CultureGrams - excellent database with concise articles about states and countries
  • Scholastic News - weekly articles for each grade level with connections to current events. Click here for your grade level's login information.
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Media Specials Update

In specials classes last month, we explored...

  • What does it feel like to arrive in a new place? (5)
  • Who is Janet Stevens? What makes her books unique? (K-4)

Mrs. Amundson's March Book Picks

February Facts & Figures

Books Checked Out (E, ER & EC): 817

Books Checked Out (FIC): 370

Books Checked Out (Nonfiction): 651

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