Where will I go? Taylor Stith

Oh, the Places You'll Go! -Dr. Suess

Who Am I

I am Taylor Stith, and I love to write. You won't see me not writing. I get grounded because I write when I am supposed to be doing homework, but the more I write, the better I get at it, and writing is my skill. My values would be things I can't touch or hear, but feel, I value love and happiness. I have been told that if someone were to put my self-esteem on a scale from 1-10, it would be 10.1. I have a great amount of self-esteem which helps me learn without a worry every day.

Why should skill, value, and self esteem be things to consider when deciding on a career? The answer is simple. If your job contains things that your good at, you will automatically enjoy it in most cases. If your job contains things that you value, you will love your job even more. And if you are confident in your job, then it will be easy. Your job requires all of the things that you love, and if you do what you love for a living, you will never work a day in your life.

My Career as a...

My dream is to be a professional writer. Sure, I can write a book, send it in to editing and then a publisher, and be fine, but I want to go to collage and learn to improve.

Writers annually make 55,000 (average), and the job outlook is very pleasant. You don't really hire a writer unless they are writing for you-script writer, technical writer, or a writer for a newspaper. I don't exactly want to write FOR someone, but write things on my own. Mystery novels, public speaches, instructions to a blendor I invent, whichever.

The cluster my job is in is Audio, Video, Technology, and Communication, and the work schedule is simple. Unless you are a reporter or work for someone, you don't really have an office except for a desk in an office in your house, so you just write whenever needed. Well, that is the job description I see atleast. The work enviroment is nearly the same- a desk in your house, usually alone with no worry of distractions.

There are many interests I have in my job, things that also come with other jobs, but I have a specific interest and goal in my mind that I wish to accomplish. I can just see a person reading a book that I am soon to compose, and learning. That is all I can ever of someone, you don't have to like or dislike my writing, I just want you to learn from it. I can also imagine New York Times writing an interview and having it on the back of every copy.

How Do I Get There

My goal is to attend Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I plan to work a double job, Surgeon and Writer. For this goal, I will use the job (Surgeon) as an example. The payments and fees per year for admission into medical school is $58,821. I would need a Bachelor's and Masters Degree, along with Professional Training. I would most importantly need to pass the MCAT.

Why would I choose Harvard? Because the job outlook is terrific. If someone is interviewing me for a job, they are not always concerned about my grades during grade school, they look over my grades in collage and MCAT scores. If I pass that round, the look at the college. They would hire somone who has had more expierence like me, say, if I was going up againt someone from UFAS, they would pick the higher college. I also have more than one thing that offers a scholarship, Cross Country and Choir.