Walt Disney

Famous Entreprenuer


He was born December 5, 1901 Hermosa Illinois.

In 1911 his family moved to Kansas City where Disney developed a love for trains.

Educational Background

At the age of 16 he dropped out of school and joined the army but he was rejected for being under age. He went to the Art Institute of Chicago. He also went to Kansas City art Institute.

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Work Background

He was sent to France for a year to drive an ambulance. When he returned in 1919 he moved back to Kansas City to pursue a career for a newspaper artist.

His brother Roy got him a job at the Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio where he met the cartoonist Ubbe Eert Iwwerks. Following that Disney worked at the Kansas Film Ad, Company.

Company History

He started his company "Walt Disney" October 16,1923. In Los Angeles.

The theme park opened 1955. When him and his brother started Alice Comedies they were known as "Disney Bros Studio" In 1928 Mickey Mouse was born following with the rest of the gang. 1937 Disney came out with there first full length innovative film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Beginning in the 1940's Disney launched into the prodution of live- action features and television programs.

The company today

Its know as the Walt Disney Company. Its a place where you can go on vacation. There are many different parks you can go to.
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Walt Disney World is known for

Its a place for vacations with your family.
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Some interesting facts

  • Disney was also among the first to use television as an entertainment medium.
  • Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color was a popular Sunday night show, which Disney used to begin promoting his new theme park.
  • Another success was Mary Poppins where he used live action with animation.
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How I feel

I feel that he was very successful because he didn't go to college and look at what he became. He was a newspaper artist and opened up a famous park where everybody in the world can attend.


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