Air Pollution

By: Anthony Crane

How to prevent air pollution

Plant deciduous trees in locations around your home to provide shade in the summer. This would save the risk of having air conditioning liquid leak. Also, test your house for radon gas. It is odorless and clear which makes it very deadly.

Effects of air pollution

Fine particulates can be inhaled deeply into the respiratory system where they may aggravate existing respiratory and cardiovascular disease, reduce lung function, increase respiratory symptoms, and lead to premature death. Fine particulates may also provide a way for toxins - including carcinogens - to get deep into a person's respiratory system. Also if there are no changes in regulatory controls or population characteristics have ranged from 1,000 to 4,300 additional premature deaths nationally per year by 2050 from combined ozone and particle health effects.

Dr. Bradley Peterson's study

In this study, they recruited 40 mothers and their children living in the inner city who were participating in an ongoing study of pollution’s effect on development. They were selected because they had low exposure to environmental factors other than PAHs that could affect development, such as tobacco smoke, lead, insecticides and other chemicals. Based on measurements of PAH in their surroundings, about half of the mothers had PAH exposures below the median of those in the larger group, and half had PAH exposures higher than the median.“The effects were extraordinarily powerful,” says Dr. Bradley Peterson, director of the Institute for the Developing Mind at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and lead author of the study. “The more prenatal exposure to PAH, the bigger the white matter problems the kids had. And the bigger the white matter problems, the more severe symptoms of ADHD, aggression and slow processing they had on cognitive tasks.”