Growing up in the Digital age

Children and Screen time

Many young children are growing up in a world that is increasingly dominated by digital technologies. While technology can be extremely useful and benefit our everyday lives, it can have many dramatic effects on young children.

- Tech skills are often learnt before life skills, things such as tying shoelaces is learnt AFTER knowing how to use a phone.

- Kids should be spending their childhood outside playing games, riding bikes and participating in sports, but instead so much time is being wasted indoors on technology devices.

- Health issues can arise from not being active, which these technology based games don't require. Children's imaginations decrease from not having to think of something to do or play.

- Children may lose the ability to be able to socialise with other kids, as the games they play only require one player.

- There is a risk of Kids playing on devices unmonitored by a responsible person. various apps or games can ask questions which your children may answer unknowingly putting themselves at danger.

There are many positives and negatives about children growing up in the digital age that parents need to be aware of, for their kids safety and well being.