Robbinsville Twitter Challenge

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8 Day Twitter Challenge

Let's use those newly learned Twitter skills and see how we can expand our Professional Learning Networks! Twitter is a great professional development tool that allows teachers, who can feel isolated in their individual classrooms, to connect to colleagues across the world. Twitter allows us to not only make these needed connections, but gain great resources and ideas to use with our learners. So try it out and see if you can complete the 8 day Twitter challenge! For help, visit:

Day 1

Sign up for a Twitter account. Update your bio so that people know who you are and what you're interested in. Change your profile picture so it's no longer an egg. If you already have a Twitter account, help someone else sign up. Be sure to share your Twitter handle by tagging your colleagues.

Day 2

It's time to grow your Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter! To start gathering followers, it's a good idea to start following people yourself. Follow 10 new people who are interested in the same educational topics as you. Most people will then follow you back. Don't forget to follow your Robbinsville colleagues! Post a tweet about your growing PLN and be sure to use the hashtag #RobbinsvilleK12

Day 3

Check the "follow" lists of your colleagues and find more people to follow. This is a great way to build your PLN!
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Day 4

Take a look at the Weekly Twitter Chat Times document below. Find one (or more) that you think sounds interesting and visit them for this week! Remember, just lurking (and not tweeting) is okay. These are great places to find others who share the same interests and follow them.

Be sure to then tweet out which chat you will be going to! Include the chat hashtag, as well as our district hashtag, in your tweet. For example: "I'm going to be joining #edchat tonight! #RobbinsvilleK12".

Day 5

Share some ideas from this week's chat! Did you learn something new or hear of a great resource? Tweet about it! Tag it with the chat's hashtag and also use the district hashtag #RobbinsvilleK12 . If you are talking about someone else giving you an idea, include their Twitter handle in your tweet!
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Day 6

Tweet a photo of quality work completed in your classroom today! Use the hashtag #RobbinsvilleK12. Retweet the pictures of others and spread the joy of learning beyond our school walls! Please be careful when tweeting and do not include any student identifiers.

Day 7

In one tweet, share your favorite lesson to teach and why it's your favorite! Use the hashtag #RobbinsvilleK12. Read the tweets of other teachers and find someone who you could go learn more from. Remember to RT (Retweet) lessons of colleagues that you think sound amazing!
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Day 8

In the past 8 days, your PLN has likely grown from following others and participating in a weekly chat. #FF means "Friday Follow" a chance for you to share a few who you think others should follow! So on the next Friday, #FF a few people and tell us who we should be following! Use the hashtag #RobbinsvilleK12.
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Thank you for your participation; we hope that you now know how to find and share great resources and ideas on Twitter. Enjoy tweeting!