Research info on Perú

By Alejandro Rene Rodriguez Fernandez De Ginzo.

Capital and cities (4 of them)

Capital: Lima

(4)cities: Lima, Cuzco, Callao, Trujillo

Conqueror of Peru

Peru was conquered by Spain. But Peru gained independence in July 28, 1821. It's not in control of Spain now.

Languages in Peru


Location, government, president, and currency of Peru

Peru is located in the NW coast of South America. It's government is a constitutional Republic led by Ollanta Humala Taso. The currency is Peruvian Nuevo sol. $1.00 = 3.41 Peruvian Nuevo sol.

Peru's rich ancient civilization and places to visit

Lake Titicaca, Andes Mountains, Machupichu peak.