Toussaint L'Ouverture

Best known Haitian Revolution leader

Early Life

Not a lot is known about Toussaint's #earlylife, he grew up on Breda's plantation and was not really your "typical" slave. He treated his owner with respect and in return he was treated with respect as well. He was granted the privilege to be a house servant and was able to read and write as much as he pleased.
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Quotation explanation

The quote above shows that Toussaint had the spirit to revolt and did so successfully.

Slave revolt

Growing up, Toussaint knew that his father (African prince), was once a free man and was not born a slave. He used the advantage of being able to read and studied as much as he could. After the French Revolution, it triggered the slaves to #revolt, and that's exactly what they did, and Toussaint became the leader of what was the biggest revolution in history. The whole revolution started in 1791 and not ending until 1804.

Toussaint's military career

Toussaint started off fighting for the Spanish against the French. Then he fought for France against Spain and Britain. His military background helped him then lead Saint Domingue (where he grew up on a slave plantation) to the only successful slave revolt in history. Toussaint was an amazing #militaryleader and was known as "Black Napoleon", and was even said to be a better leader than him

Toussaint's importance

Without Toussaint leading the slaves of Saint Domingue, the Haitian Revolution probably would have failed. Who knows what life would be like today if they would have lost, would we still have slavery?