9/19/2016 - 9/23/2016

Calendar Highlights

9/19 - Girls BB @ Capac

9/20 - Picture Day! (Staff before school); MindUp, Leadership Meeting

9/21 - AFLAC (2-3pm); 7th locker check (2pm)

9/22 - 6th locker check (2pm); Girls BB home vs Cros-Lex

9/23 - 8th locker check (2pm)

These events are subject to change AND available on the shared Google Calendar


Sending Students to the Office


All Discipline, Counseling, Meds, Health issues (illness, injuries), Absent student homework, Locker Issues - Comb Questions, Jams, Locker Change Requests, Lockers (issues & changes) - JOHN


Registration (new student paperwork only), Parent Requests to see admin/counselor, Sign In/Out, Password resets (parents) request, Calling home

Except for absent student work, password resets, and calling home, the main office is more of an adult (parent and teacher) center and the counseling office is more of a student center. Please indicate this to students as you send them down. Please do not just say, "Go to the office," without reminding them exactly where to go.

Thank you!!!


Please vote using the Google form below regarding planners.

A reminder that we will be using these planners for bathroom passes as well as for students to call home. This will allow us to track our "frequent flyers." This should serve as a means to better communicate and partner with parents/guardians to address these typical avoidance behaviors (not as a punishment).

Staff Expectations

First, I count my blessings every day for the wonderful environment and education you provide to our students. As I walk around, I observe many engaging lessons, and as I speak to students and parents, they tell me of the wonderful atmosphere each of you are creating this year (which will, no doubt, lead to even higher levels of student learning).

Second, since there are many "new" staff and with so much information shoved your way, I want to reiterate my expectations regarding professional dress. To be frank, the only days I am a bit concerned with are Fridays. As has been custom, jean days are Fridays, unless otherwise permitted. However, it is also considered "Navy & White" day. If you choose to wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt, it is my expectation that they adhere to the navy & white spirit theme. Otherwise, please choose a top that reflects our normal dress code (i.e. polo, blouse, etc.)

Again, I appreciate all you do. This may be a simple (and annoying to some) expectation, but it fits into the climate and culture I am continuing to try to create here.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please see me.

Homecoming (Sep. 30)

We are still planning on a Fun & Games Assembly during 5th & 6th hour...thank you Sue.

Also, the PTO is putting on a dance right after school until 5:30pm. Lauren has beautifully stated why we want to try this. Any assistance from our teachers is greatly appreciated. Please inform Lauren if you are able to help supervise (even if it is only for an hour or so).


I keep updating my weebly page as a resource for you. Please pay special attention to the PD tab on top. If you click the tab (not the drop down menu), you will go to a page that has several embedded articles in it. Also, I keep valuable resources in regards to Kagan and 5D+ in the drop down sections as well. I will most likely reference these at upcoming meetings.

Please familiarize yourself with this web page.

Kagan Training

As I mentioned in an email to the staff on Tuesday, 9/13, if you are interested in attending a training next summer similar to the one Jan, Julie, and Sally participated in this past summer, please email me directly stating your interest. You are not committing yourself to this training, we are simply trying to get an estimate of who is interested.



Yale Junior High PTO

1. Download Shoparoo to your mobile device. You will scan any grocery, fuel, or non-grocery receipt. We also have a Yale Junior High PTO page on Facebook, please like us!

Be sure to select Yale Junior High

2. Please donate ANY AND ALL used ink cartridges and cell phones (even if they are damaged) by bringing them into the office. We will be recycling them and receiving money for our media center in exchange!

3.VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME! JOIN US AT OUR NEXT MEETING or assist us in counting Vinckier Rewards or Aunt Millies labels.

“Like” us on Facebook – Yale Junior High PTO (click on 'YJH PTO' above to link to the page)

Vinckier Receipts

We appreciate all those who participated. Thanks again for your support!
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