Russians in World War II

Why Did Russia Join The War

When did Russia join the World War II?

Russia Join World War II in 1941. Russia had signed an agreement with Germany not to fight aginst them, in 1939. Russia thought it was not strong enough to fight with Germany. Germany broke the agreement and invaded Russia on June 22, 1941.

How did Russia help in World War II?

Russia helped in the war by giving hope to its allies and to its citizens. The battles that took place with Germany ended up being a turning point for the war. 200,000 Germans died in Russia.

What did Russia gain or lose in the war?

Although Russia considers this battle to be their greatest Patriotic war, Russia lost 20 million people. This is the bloodest battle in history. Russia's President, Stalin, gained confidence in his army because of their ablity in the cold weather.

By: Torrian & Mike