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April 8th, 2016

What is happening with your department feedback about technology?

Mr. Rasmussen met with Chris, Matt, and I about the feedback you submitted from department meetings on March 28th. You should have received an email with an Excel spreadsheet a few days ago showing everything everyone else submitted. The district is moving towards working with a company to contract with for devices. The school does NOT have to choose one single device so don't worry if you might be the only ones who mentioned a certain device Also, our feeling is that at this time, we are not going to suggest that students check out their own device each day. Only about half the departments feel daily use would be needed so we plan to focus on recommending they supply carts for those classrooms. We are waiting to hear what the next step is in the process. We may be asking for more feedback in the future. Also, if other things come to mind in the next few weeks, please let me know!

7 Reasons to Use Instructional Videos in Your Classroom

Using video to help provide instruction is a great way to be in more than one place at a time. With Surfaces and also the Office Mix part of Power Point, any lesson can become a video! Videos or links can be posted on Classroom (formerly Class Dashboard) or in a folder on the Bryan Middle drive under handouts. I am happy to demo Office Mix if you are interested in trying it out! It is super easy to use!

Jeffrey Bernadt discusses some of the best examples of why videos work:

1 - Students Work at Own Pace - they can pause, rewind or fast forward, or watch information again if needed.

2 - Students Choose the Time & Place - if they miss class, need a review between classes, etc... the video is there for support.

3 - More One on One Teacher Student Interaction - students can hear you talking to them even when you are not there!

4 - Frees Up Classroom Time - students who miss a class or need review can do it individually or outside of class.

5 - Opens Up New Opportunities - works well in stations or with small group/individual instruction.

6 - Provides Support to Parents - you can make parents aware videos so they can participate in their child's learning.

7 - Provides Support to Special Education Teachers - teachers who may not be there for instruction can help assist students.

And one thing that he did not mention is that it can help you save your voice and energy by doing the direct instruction once instead of multiple times for all your classes. The whole article can be found at:

Google News Newspaper Archive

The Google News Newspaper archive offers a HUGE selection of newspapers in multiple languages and from the earliest publications to current day. You can search a specific topic or newspaper. It is a great way to see what the newspapers say about things you may be studying in your classes. Check it out at