4B Post Assessment

My Youth Group

Conformity, Authority, Obedience

My youth group demonstrates conformity through changing our thinking to match what is stated in the Bible and preached by our pastor. The pastor is our authority figure and he runs the meetings. We are obedient by doing the activities he plans and trying our best in discussions.


Asch- We have a lot of group discussions and when one person answers, even if we disagree, we will all agree with that person in case what we were thinking was wrong.

Zimbardo- When we go on group trips the older members tend to take over the authority position over the younger kids. We never get violent, but we can be controlling.

Milgram- We always do what our pastor says. Even if he told us something we thought was weird we would follow it because he is a major authority figure and we trust him.

Camp Caswell

Fundamental Attribution Error

A lot of people get saved at Camp Caswell. At the time, the feeling is amazing and everyone else is just overjoyed for the person who is saved. If you try to explain the event to an outsider, however, it very difficult because, when you are not in the situation, you cannot fully understand the power of the moment.