What medicine was and how they used it.

What type of medicine did they practice?

Egyptians used herbs and fruits that they believed were rich in vitamins.

They used pomegranate to treat infestations and parasitic worms it was high in tannin and paralyzed the worms. Egyptians also practiced dentistry and used honey for its antiseptic qualities for fighting infection white blood cells. Egyptians performed eye surgery and cured night blindness by feeding the patient powdered liver rich in vitamin A.

Egyptians were way ahead of their time in the practice of medicine. They used moldy bread for an antibiotic thousand of years before Fleming discovered penicillin.They've made false teeth, extracted teeth, and even made the toothbrush and tooth paste. They even had an ancient version of aspirin they used willow a conoction used to treat toothache. These are examples of the medicines Egyptians practiced.

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Describe the mummification process?

The mummification process had two steps the embalming process and the wrapping.

In the embalming process they removed the bodies organs then a special salt natron was applied to the body and stored to dry for a number of days. After that the body was filled with spices and perfumes, then stitched closed. It was then cleaned with oils. That is the embalming process.

The wrapping process the body was wrapped with long strips of linen and during the wrapping they would place amulets in the linen to protect the body in the journey to the underworld. Spells were read aloud as the body was wrapped to ward off evil spirits. The hand were then bound together with linen and a papyrus scroll was placed in bewteen. Then more cloth was wrapped around the entire body and a picture was painted on the body was then placed in several coffins one fitting inside the other. That is the entire mummification process in which the Egyptians went through to protect the body.

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