Body Image Project

My definition of body image and beauty.

The way a person sees them self, and a person who has a good heart, and does things that have a positive influence on people.

How body images are shaped.

Body image is greatly influenced by the people around you and your culture. At a young age people are influenced about the way they feel about themselves positively and negatively. TV also has a big influence on body image. Even aging has an influence. We should always remember that we are diverse, and imperfect.

Body image, the media, and eating disorders. (Info I found was mostly related to girls.

47% of girls 5th-12th grade want to lose weight because of magazine pictures. 69% of girls 5th-12th grade say that magazines changed their view of the perfect body. 42% of 1st-3rd grade girls want to lose weight. 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat. 85% believe that eating disorders should be covered by insurance like other illnesses. 35-57% of adolescent girls use harmful ways to lose weight. Girls who diet are 12 times more likely to binge as those who don't. About 1% of adolescent girls develop anorexia nervosa. 2-3% develop bulimia nervosa. 1 in 10 cases lead to death.

5 ways to improve body image.

Avoid offending media

Avoid talking about appearance

Spend less time in front of mirrors

Be positive

Be around kind people