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What happened in Greenwich? by Nataly Miranda

Greenwich Village, New York 1954

With New York being the busy city it is, people don't really have or take the time to just stop and look around. Til' one day in the neighborhood of Greenwich village there was a neighbor with a broken leg. He goes by the name of L.B Jefferies, and well being in a wheelchair wasn't much fun he began to make things interesting. With nothing left to do he began to look over his neighborhood through his window. I know this doesn't sound like the ideal thing to do, but you might be surprised at what Jeffery found out. Through out the day Jeffery takes a look at his neighborhood and begins to notice strange behaviors, espacaily from one tenet Mr. Thorwald. Jeffery notices Thorwald leaving with the same suitcase at the same time every single night. The absence of Mrs. Thorwald begins to dawn on Jeffery and his suspicion sky rockets; Jeffery notices a neighborhood dog sniffing and digging in Thorwald's rose garden. He gets on high alert when that same dog is found dead, Jeffery believes Thorwald took him out. He believes there had to be something in that rose garden for the dog to be sniffing. Jeffries's girlfriend Lisa Fremont bravely makes her way into Thorwald apartment in search of clues to Mrs.Thorwald absence. Starting with the rose garden, both Stella and Lisa dig out the same spot he was sniffing, come to find out there's nothing there, at least not anymore. They know there's more to find out, Lisa makes the statement that a woman wouldn't leave the house without her wedding ring. They come to a conclusion that there must be clues inside that apartment. They trick Thorwald into leaving, so they can send Lisa over to search. She begins to look around, but time starts to run out because Thorwald is now coming up his stairs. Lisa has to quickly hideaway but he see's her. He attacks Lisa in instant, Jeffery can't bare to watch, he calls the police immediately. Lisa is able to signal jeffery that the ring is on her finger just in time, but that's when Thorwald see's that she's signaling to someone. Thorwald catches her in the act, Thorwald rushes to confront Jeffries right after the police arrests Lisa. Jeffries suspects Thorwald is coming his way, he asks Jeffery, what is it that he wants to know. They start wrestling, Thorwald pushes Jefferies out the window, and on to the ground right as the police close in. Police apprehend Thorwald in Jeffries apartment, Jefferies suffers two broken legs, but now Greenwich village can rest easy knowing Thorwald is behind bars.
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Feminism today, Feminism in the 1950's

Times might have changed, but topics didn't. Feminism is still a strong statement til' this day. Feminism in the 1950's helped pave the way to womans rights in today society. Although many rights have been gained now today's feminism shares common goals as the 1950's. both are fighting for political, employment, and economic equality. In the 1950's woman were viewed as sex objects, and dependent on a male. As times changed views on woman have changed woman are now thought of as strong and independent people.

Residents of Greenwich and Feminist criticism