An Interview with Mrs. Reaves

By: Stephen Buelow

The Early Life!

With 12 years of teaching, with her career starting at Magnolia West High school for 11 years she has come to Tomball to teach Biology. Her passion began at Sam Houston state University, where she earned her Bachelors degree. Mrs. Reeves would not have chosen a better career to teach, Mrs. Reeves loves building relationships with the kids that she sees everyday!
With entering her 12th year of teaching Mrs. Reeves could not be happier with teaching at Tomball High School, and is ready to have fun, and build relationships.

Mrs. Reaves Loves Teaching

Classes She Teaches

  • Biology 9th graders ( unless you didn't pass )

Classroom Environment

  • Not that many posters.
  • The room is colorful for what she does have.
  • Her desk area is kinda messy.
  • Area for turning in work.
  • She has about 30 desks.
  • 5 sinks.
  • And an eye wash station.

What She Like Most About The Teaching ( Mrs. Reaves words)

" The kiddos!, and the relationships you build with them."

Classroom Management Techniques

  • She does not allow talking out loud.
  • If you need to say something then you need to raise your hand.
  • She expects you to give her the same respect that she gives you.

Hours Per Week

50-60 hours per week.

Teaching Stratigies

  • Power points.
  • Games.
  • Coloring work pages.
  • Explains things well.

Interview Reflection

Simile: Mrs. Reaves is like a hyper cat.

Aspect Liked Best: I liked the way she uses games/ power points to teach.

Poem: " Biology is so col it's like ans over sized wave-pool. Three Words That Describe Mrs. Reaves: Funny: She makes jokes.

Fun: We play games.

Ecstatic: She's never in a bad mood.