Sydney Grant

About Me and my Family

About Me

I was born in liberal and moved to Houston when I was 5. We moved back to kismet 3 years ago in spring. I have 3 sister Bailey, Mackenzie, and Zoey. Mackenzie and Zoey live in kismet with me and my mom. Bailey lives in Houston with my dad.

My sisters

Mackenzie is 14 years old in 8th grade . Zoey is the youngest one she is 8 years old and in 2nd grade. Bailey is 18 years old about to finish High school and going to study to be a crime scene investigator.

Khervy Cerezo

In Your Arms by Nico & Vinz by Khervy Cerezo


Wednesday, Dec. 24th, 6pm

Liberal, KS, United States

Liberal, KS

Christmas is the 25 it is the best holiday. I am going to celebrate with my mom side of the family on 24. Merry Christmas

About Me

I love to draw animals. One day I want to be a vet or a crime scene investigator to follow in my big sister foot steps. I have 3 dogs all labs they names are BoomBoom, Sophie, and Biscuit. I had 5 dogs but 2 of them ran away Poncho and Emma.

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Favorite YouTubes

Cutepolish, Rclbeauty101, Fun2draw, Jack and Jack, Dazzlediy, Maybaby, SarabeautyCorner,

Jack and Jack - Paradise (Never Change) (Lyrics)
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Taylor Swift - Blank Space
Boss - Fifth Harmony (HQ LYRICS)


I live in Kismet with my mom Tara and my sister Mackenzie and Zoey.