Jupiter Labs Unlocks Nuclear Fusion

NC News! December 15th 2015


Lead scientist, Stella Brown and her company, Jupiter Labs turned on the first U.S. nuclear fusion machine. This report answers any question you may have about how nuclear fusion works, safety concerns or economic impact of it.

Nuclear Fusion

How Nuclear Fusion Compares To Nuclear Fission

Discovered in 1939 by Leo Szilard, nuclear fission is the process in which you split an atom apart. It was first used a a atomic bomb resting in 1945 and has been producing energy ever since. The idea of nuclear fusion was resented by Hans Bethe in 1930 but until now scientists have not been able to produce energy from this. It is the process of joining two atoms to make a different element. For example, two hydrogen atoms make a helium one.

Safety: Concerns and Precautions

Similar to nuclear fission, the safety hazards of fusion are radiation and nuclear break downs. Every worker will be provided with a hazmat suit and we will regularly check for faulty equipment, every month or so.

Economic impacts

Although the cost of a nuclear fusion power plant is very high, it lowers dependence on fossil fuels, which cause pollution and are running out. It is also nearly inexhaustible and creates a lot of energy. It will also open up hundreds of new jobs. After many years we will have saved money by using nuclear fusion because there won't be as many fossil fuel power plants to maintain. Also the pollution rates will have greatly diminished. The tomorrow of our world is here to day!