This Week at AES

3/21 - 3/25

This Week at a Glance


$2 Jean Day

Literacy Walk-Throughs

Talent Show Auditions

Kickboxing Class


Leader in Me Coaching Day with Brian Gardner (He will be Meeting with 2nd and 1st grade during planning) He will be available for any other teams who would like to meet with him.

Kindergarten Recognition

Christ Club

No Staff Meeting

STLP Student Showcase at EVES


Caleb Out all day

Talent Show Auditions


Caleb out AM

2nd Grade Wax Museum


Report Cards go Home

Kentucky Derby Museum

3rd and 5th to RiverPark

Sharpen the Saw

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Notes for the Week

This Week is an Intermediate Guidance Week

  • As a PLC start working on your timeline to complete these items prior to April 30th : Please refer to past Memos for the list
  • Next week (Mar 28 – Apr 1) is Love the People you work with Week. Send an encouraging note, email, or hug to 3 of the great people you work with and you can have a Free Jean Week (Mar 28 - Apr 1).
  • Spring is here and it is the nutty time. Please continue to use our procedures for reporting behavior and guidance referrals.
  • Please submit pictures for the yearbook in the Shared folder in the Yearbook 2016 folder by Friday, March 25th.

Hot Links

  • Information on the Sessions with Sarah and Barbara can be found here.
  • Please be mindful of your printing. When possible, always print to the copy machine and not actual printers. Printer printing costs 5 times the amount of printing to the copier. Reports of our largest printers can be found here.

Please do not park in the 2nd parking spot (2nd spot from the left pole when facing Graystone) in the ELC parking lot. It is reserved for the AES Teacher of the Year.

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Funny School Teacher - Such an intelligent qualified teacher
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Water Stations

From 2010 - 2014 I was able to complete 15 Marathons or Half-Marathons. There is something about dedicating yourself to running more than 13 miles. As I prepared for a race, I spent a lot of time memorizing the Water Stations. Water Stations for me were a chance to slow down, refuel, and refocus. My routine at the water station was the same regardless if it was Mile 1 or Mile 20. I would run until I entered the station, get my water, and then walk through the station. It may only 50 feet but those 50 feet were extremely important to my mindset and finishing the race.

The school year is like a marathon and we are nearing a water station (Spring Break). I firmly believe that we all need this time to get slow down, refuel, and refocus. You all have done an outstanding job to this point. I greatly appreciate all of your time, hard work, and dedication. Let's get to this water station and prepare for the last leg of our race. We have come along way and I can't wait to celebrate all of our accomplishments.