By: Riley Deguzman

Catching Kayla

Kayla Montgomery is one major example of persistence. Kayla Montgomery is a runner with multiple sclerosis. She is a major example because in spite of her Multiple sclerosis she is still running. Multiple sclerosis is a disease where the immune system attacks the nervous system.This makes it hard to run because when Kayla Montgomery runs, that makes her legs warm up, which later causes her immune system to attack her nervous system. When this happens, her legs go numb and she can’t stop running without someone catching her in the end. Once she does races she needs to be caught by her coach, then she later has to be iced down to get the feeling back in her legs. She is an example of persistence because she keeps running although her disease, which makes it difficult to run. Although Kayla can't feel her legs after running, she is lucky to have legs unlike Nick Vujicic.

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease where the immune system attacks the nervous system. Kayla was a girl who played soccer, but then was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and wasn't able to play soccer again. When she was diagnosed she couldn't play soccer and she later decided to go into the sport of running. When she was diagnosed, her life was effected majorly by this.

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is another example of persistence. Nick is an example because as a child he was born with no limbs other than a small little left leg. He shows persistence by doing activities that people thought he would never be able to do, such as soccer and swimming. By Nick playing sports it shows persistence because he was not able to do soccer or swim without countless hours of practice which means that it must have been very very difficult. He didn't give up although it was hard and almost impossible. He also plays football without any arms to hold the football. Nick, now a days goes around the world inspiring men, women, and children to not let disabilities or anything hold you back.
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Nelson Mandela

Nelson is also an example of a person who is persistent. He is an example of persistence because he is a person who stood up against the apartheid regime. The apartheid is a system that segregates a certain race. Nelson Mandela was someone who disapproved of this system and fought against it. He kept fighting against it although it was very difficult. It was so difficult in fact that Nelson went to jail for 20 years just for believing that there could be a better system for South Africa. Since he was a persistent person, he was elected by the people of South Africa to be its democratic leader. For being persistent and challenging others on the apartheid, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a person who people would think is great at basketball, so he didn't need to be persistent in order to be good at basketball. Michael Jordan wasn't always the best at basketball, in fact he was cut off of the high school basketball team. He needed to be persistent he needed to be persistent and practice more and more basketball, while at the same time keep his grades up for school. He also may have needed to play a game with other guys to get better, because if you don't play against people that are better than you, you will never get better. By being persistent, Michael Jordan, became the best player in the NBA.
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Wright Brothers

The last example is a pair of brothers that invented the world’s first successful airplane. The Wright brothers are an example of persistence because, they made the first airplane which was very very difficult. They probably failed, because at the time it was a very difficult device to build. The wright brothers may have failed because it was hard, but they didn’t give up, that is what makes them persistent. If the brothers weren’t persistent, then the airplane, that is very useful for today’s transportation, probably wouldn’t be invented until later in the future.
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