Vote For Taylor

We'll Be Your Savior, If You Vote For Taylor


We have to keep the education moving foward. Everyone needs a high education if they want agood bpying job.


We have to get the economy back on track, and have business back in buisness.

Health Care

It's unstable. We need to make sure everyone can have some health coverage.

School Issues

Seating Charts

You want to be happy were you sit, and we will make sure that happens. You will have a voice on were you want to sit.

Food and Bevarges

We don't think that the new rule saying you can not eat at all in class is crazy. We want food in the class, just make sure there's no mess, and make it a little healthy.

Classroom Procuders

We all know those lectures can become long and boring. We will make sure you have some fun and social time in class.