Multiplying with whole numbers

By Hunter,Shane

What you will learn

You will learn how to multiply 1 digit and 2 digit numbers. You will also learn how to multiply whole numbers by whole numbers.

How to multiply whole numbers

you set the problem up and multiply like you all ways do. When your done with the first digit of the number below you put a place value holder then multiply the other digit and you get you answer.

Peer to peer practice 1-41 skip 14 odds.

Problems that we give you on overhead 1-30.

Other stuff to talk about with you.

When multiplying by a 2-digit number when is it necessary to regroup.

give an example of a pair of two-digit numbers that requires regrouping when multiplied. Explain how you found your pair of numbers.

M racers the game. For multiplying whole numbers.

Exit slip

What is the product of 456 and 34?