8-3 Newsletter

April 11-15 2016

What's New?


Students are or will be receiving reviews in all of their academics. It is up to them to use these reviews to study for the End of Grade tests. It is very important for them to stay on task and take advantage of the opportunities to review the 8th grade content.

Snack Donations for Testing In previous years, the school provided students with a snack during each day of testing. These snacks are no longer being provided by the school so we are asking for donations so the students will have a snack each day of testing (testing runs from approximately 8-11 am each day). If you are able and willing to send in any donations, we would greatly appreciate it. We are also requesting mini bottles of water (we plan to keep them each day and let the students refill them throughout the week).

Homeroom Totals: Bridwell—20, McKinney—24, Richardson—24, Siekkinen—28.

Snack Ideas:

**individual bagged/packaged items would be best due to break time limits

  • Crackers/Goldfish/etc.

  • Graham crackers

  • Fruit snacks

  • Cookies

  • Pretzels

  • Rice Krispy Treats

Yearbooks-Last chance to pre-order the SMMS yearbook until 5/1/16. The cost is $45. If you need an or­der form, see the front office or order online at



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Coming Soon!

April 14 ZAP and WOW (Last one before Progress Report)

April 18-22 EOG Testing

April 22 Team 8-3 grade cut-offs for progress reports

April 27 Progress Reports

April 28 8-3 Field Trip

April 28 ZAP and WOW

May 5 ZAP and WOW

May 6 8th grade dance 6pm-8pm

Here is what is happening in our classes!

Mrs. McKinney- Math

Wow, it is hard to believe that next week is the last full week prior to testing. There is a Milestones review in google classroom that will be due on Wednesday. This review will be the unit 3 review and will cover transformations and transversals. Monday-Wednesday we will be learning how to solve systems of equations by elimination. Tuesday we will be doing an activity that will give them some practice on simple problems where they can see the answers. For the activity students will need M&M’s. If possible, please send your student with a small bag of M&M’s. Keep in mind that there are students who are allergic to nuts so please buy the plain ones. Students will be able to eat them once they are finished with them. Thursday we will review and practice the important parts of unit 1, exponents, rational and irrational numbers, and solving equations. Friday we will practice unit 2, Pythagorean Theorem and volume. The following Monday we will review units 4 and 5, Tuesday will be units 6 and 7.