October News!

Mrs. Cohen's 1st Graders

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PJ Reading Compliment Party!

'We loved snuggling up to friends, cuddling under the "tents " and using our flashlights to read our favorite books!


Dear Parents,

Wow! It’s already October! You will be amazed by all that we have learned here in 1st Grade!

In language arts we have learned many skills. We have the “short a”, “short e”, “short i” and “short o” spelling patterns under our belts. We are now so proud of how we can use the 5 W’s to create super sentences when we write. We are also able to properly identify and classify various types of nouns. Everyday we focus on sentence structure and proper sentence format. At this point, your child must put their name on their papers, start all sentences with a capital and end all sentences with proper punctuation.

Please work with your child daily on this skill at home.

These past few weeks, we started learning all about Fall, and are in the beginning stages of paragraph writing. A paragraph consists of a topic sentence, four supporting details and a closing sentence. Each child will learn to indent, use sensory details in their writing and create super sentences! We continue to build oral language through our collection of “vivid verbs.” We even created a vivid verb book to use while we are writing. Some words that we have learned include: babble, dawdle, and communicate.

This month, we have been visiting the different reading centers set up in our classrooms! Each day we get to visit various centers, which may include our spelling center, our writing center, a center that focuses on our skill for that week, ipad center and of course, our favorite, guided reading centers with our teachers!


Students loved learning about scientific tools used for observation and measurement. We now have a clear idea of what is a scientist and that anyone can be a scientist if they put their hearts to it! Now that we have solid understanding of the various tools used by a scientist, we are excited to move on to the next chapter in our science workbook! Our next chapter will be all about matter!

Please don’t forget we will be visiting the Miami Children’s Museum on Wednesday, October 26th. If you have not done so, please send in the signed permission slip that was sent home last week.


In Math, we have built a strong foundation of number sense. We know how to read, write and model numbers from 0 to 120 in various ways. Now that we have wrapped up chapter 1 on addition, we are moving on to subtraction.

Please note that your child will have math homework twice a week. It is essential that they complete their assigned homework pages and bring them to school when they are due.

Feel free to work on unassigned math pages with your child at home for practice.

Please practice addition and subtraction nightly with your child. You may use flash cards, dice, a deck of cards or create your own games at home. Having the facts of addition and subtraction become automatic will really help your child here in class!

Social Studies

Learning about the world around them is exciting for our first graders. In Social Studies, we have been comparing rules in school and laws in our community. We continue to discuss and review the themes from the book, “How Full is Your Bucket” by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. This book has inspired us to give “shout outs” for a friends that do kind things for others. Our first graders love shouting out their friends for helping in class or recess, tying a friend’s shoes, using kind words and so much more. Ask your child what they did at school to help a friend.

We loved learning all about Columbus for Columbus Day! We enjoyed creating our very own ship in honor of the holiday.

Our next unit will focus on the upcoming election! We are going to be learning about voting, using ballots and elections. As a school, Hochberg Prep will be hosting it’s very own Mock Election Day. Our students will have the opportunity to vote for the who they would like to be the next president of the Unites States. .


Shana Tova!

Dear Parents,


We hope you all had a wonderful Rosh Hashanah celebration and that our students were able to share their knowledge and projects with you. The students are going to do the Tashlich, a symbolic act of throwing away the sins from the previous year so we can begin the new year with a clean slate. Keep thinking of Slicha (Sorry), Tzdakkah, Tefilah until Yom Kippur. Then the students will study about Sukkot and will enjoy breakfast at theSukkah, reciting the blessings of sitting in the Sukkah, and shaking the Lulav and Etrog. Next is Simchat Torah! On Simchat Torah we mark the ending and beginning of the cycle of reading the Torah. We celebrate and rejoice together another new beginning. In class we are looking forward to starting our first Parshah workbook, Bereishit (Genesis) right after Simchat Torah. We will send home some of the highlights of the Parasha so your child will be able to share with you what they learn each week. Plus we have our weekly Parsha Drama. In addion every Wednesday we have a new program, the "Shin Shin" from Israel who will play and interact with the kids with a lot fun.


We will continue to work from our "Ariot" workbook, learning letters and vowels, building our reading skills, increasing our vocabulary, and working on our writing skills. Also, we will be discussing the theme "What do we have in the classroom?"

We continue to send home Hebrew library books every Friday that we read and discuss at school. Please make sure the library books come back on Monday.

A good month to all,


Morah Revital and Morah Odelya.



Our students had a blast improving their hand/eye coordination while learning how to catch/ throw and play flag football. Our next units will help improve our endurance/ Upper body and abdominal strength and Explosive speed while we have fun jumping rope and doing other workouts during our Fitness unit.


First grade will enhance their STEM experience this month by exploring science that include balancing forces, energy, levers, and non-standard measuring. Through Lego education students will connect real life scenarios and introduce a prediction or outcome. Students will construct a seesaw; learning how to test balance.


This month in Chinese class, we will learn how to say colors and fruits in Chinese. The students will be given various worksheets and participate in class activities that will allow them to practice the vocabulary. These words will include common colors such as red, blue, and green, in addition to common fruits such as

apple, strawberry, and orange. We will have Rosh Hashanah activity as well.


During the month of October, students will be creating a special project for their homes.

Discussing the meaning will be part of this activity and students will identify Spanish

vocabulary. They will then continue to work on their Spanish mini-books about greetings and



First Grade classes already finished learning about the famous artist Claude Monet and his beautiful garden paintings full of color and expression. Now, we are moving to learn about Piet Mondrian and abstract paintings.