Locke's Letter


Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful spring break! I know I did! I got to spend some time with my family, spent 5 days exploring Puerto Rico with Ms. Quinn and got in some good trail walking with Cullie the Puppy! Feel free to share your pictures from spring break 2016 on Twitter with the hashtag #CLXSpringBreak. I look forward to seeing your updates!

We are in the final stretch before EOG testing in May. We are 37 school days away from "the tests" with 2 of those being spent in Raleigh and 1 of those being field day. You can help prepare your child by making sure they are on time to school each day, they have eaten a balanced breakfast or are prepared to get food in the cafeteria, they are well rested each day and have all of their materials. You can also help by encouraging students to build stamina and endurance at home by reading silently in one space for extended periods of time.

Next week we head to Raleigh on Thursday morning (please be here by 6:30am!!!) and will return on Friday evening! Students will get their room assignments on Friday afternoon of this week. These room assignments are set in stone and we cannot change them.

Raleigh Update

We set sail to Raleigh on Thursday morning of next week, the 14th of April. Please know that coming home TODAY will be a packing list, itinerary and medication form.

If your child needs to take or might need to take medication with them on the Raleigh trip you MUST have this form signed by a doctor and turn in with the appropriate medication to Ms. Locke or Ms. Lotter, hopefully prior to the trip. This information was shared at the parent meeting the week prior to spring break. If you have questions about what is considered a medication, please contact me.

Students will not be permitted to use technology on the trip. There will be no texting to check in, calling (they do get to call one time before bed), social media, apps, music or other things that students can do on cell phones or tablets. We do this in order to protect all students and ensure that students are actively engaged in their trip. If you would like updates about how the trip is going, please follow us on Twitter at @CLXMrsLocke. I will post when we arrive, pictures and updates as we journey through NC History and Science!

What Are We Learning This Week?

Math: Continuing our exploration and unit on decimals. Helpful questions to ask your child are:

  • how does decimal _____ compare to decimal _____ using the signs >,<, =?
  • Explain where you would find decimal ______ on a number line with endpoints 0 & 1 (or other endpoints)?
  • What decimal in tenths is .08 equivalent to?

Important math vocabulary:

  • kilometer
  • meter
  • equivalent
  • centimeter
  • tenths
  • hundredths

Reading: We are continuing to build stamina and endurance while completing work. Students will be studying theme through readers theater. We will focus this week on our 7 habits and Leader In Me studies.

Writing: Students will take this week to focus on grammar and conventions.

Social Studies: Exploring change in NC geography and environment through transportation, landscape, communication, & education.