CUE It Up 2015


Welcome to another exciting CUE event!

Whether this is your first CUE or you've been to CUE so many times, you're now counting on your toes, this is an amazing event of professional development. We're over 100 colleagues strong representing IUSD and we look forward to sharing our learning with one another!


Thursday, March 19th, 9am to Saturday, March 21st, 3:45pm

277 North Avenida Caballeros

Palm Springs, CA


External Battery

At the Palm Springs Convention Center, there are some "dead cell" zones. As a result, your phone in these areas constantly searches for a signal, which drains your cell phone battery more than usual. In addition, you're communicating with each other, meeting up, and sharing your learning stories, using your phone more than normal.

A tip would be to bring a charged external battery, just in case. This is one example of a small one that will give you that extra boost, should you need it.

Don't have an extra battery or don't want to get one? Tweet out if you need an extra charge boost. Someone might have a few batteries in their case and can provide you with that boost. Just be sure to do it before you reach 0% or you might not know where to find them!


The smallest venues are the Smoketrees (except for C), Mesquite (except for C), Pueblo (A and B), and Chino (A and B). If your first choice session is in one of these rooms, you might want to consider getting there a few minutes early (if not right away).

Besides the keynote addresses, Primrose will usually have plenty of seating. It's a good opportunity to spread out, decompress, and catch up on the notes you've been taking all conference.

Because you have to leave the Convention Center, the sessions at the Hilton and Palm Springs School District usually always have available seats.

San Jacinto and Santa Rosa are two spaces that are often overlooked because they are at the end of the Renaissance Convention Center, by the hotel.

On the Way

CUE IUSD Networking Luncheon

Thursday, March 19th, 11:30am-12:30pm

1000 East Tahquitz Canyon Way

Palm Springs, CA

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

CUE Tips

Shared Google Doc

We'll be having a shared Google Doc to help collect our notes and share the learning. Add your learning from your sessions so we can all learn together!

For Fun - Fitbit Group

Do you own a Fitbit? Come join our Fitbit Group! Click the link and let's see how many steps we can walk. Sure, you'll be sitting a lot during the sessions, but you'll be amazed at how many steps you collect as you walk the conference floor and up and down the expansive exhibit hall!

While In Palm Springs

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Sandwich Spot

Delicious sandwiches. Enough said. Well, you must order the Dutch Crunch bread, too. That's the best way to enjoy it!