Early Bird Diffuser Giveaway!

Place a single 200PV Order by Dec. 10 - Get in a Drawing

Get Entered To Win a Petal Diffuser!

  • Place a SINGLE 200PV order by December 10
  • Order can be a Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) OR a one-time STANDARD ORDER
  • Drawing will be held on December 11, so you will be able to enjoy it super quick

But wait, there's more...

When you you place a single 200PV order, doTERRA will give you a FREE 15ml Frankincense. ($93 retail, $60.75 wholesale)
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And more...

When your order is a LOYALTY REWARDS (LRP) order, you will also receive the Product of the Month from doTERRA.
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Place a SINGLE 200PV LRP order by December 10, 2015, and take advantage of all the goodies shown above and get entered into the drawing for a Petal Diffuser!

  • Get some early holiday shopping done from home
  • Stock up and save $$ to be ready for winter (OnGuard & Breathe Blends, Throat Drops)
  • Get what you need now for your 2016 health goals. (Cleanse & detox, nutrition, energy)

Need some unique gift ideas? Click the link below!

Cynthia Velez, Wellness Advocate

I am just one more person on your doTERRA support team. If you have any questions, please contact the person who enrolled you, or myself. Thank you!